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Drupal vs WordPress vs Joomla

CMS comparison

“What CMS should we use?” It is definitely on the top of the frequently asked questions from our clients. WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are the most used content management systems (CMS), which are well-established and free to use.

Choosing a right CMS for your website could be a very complicated and difficult, however, it is an important decision that you have to make, otherwise, you will be in a big trouble in future management of your website.

Here are a quick and easy comparison of WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

CMS Comparison Chart

 Items Drupal
Released in 2001 2003 2005
Popularity Globally > 15 millions downloads > 140 millions downloads > 30 millions downloads
License Free Free Free
Free Themes >1800 >2000 >900
Free Plugins >24000 >30000 >7000
E-commerce Yes Yes Yes
Developer Community Large Large Medium
User Friendliness Not So Easy Very Friendly Okay
Level of Skills Needed High Low Medium
Flexibility Very High High Medium
Core Update Frequency Medium High Low
Suitable For Mutilnational Corporation, Large Scale Website SME, Startup, Personal Blog, Small to Medium Size Website, E-Commerce SME, Medium Size Website, E-Commerce

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